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Horses & Ponies sold in 2018-2022

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Rhyme N' Reason - SOLD

2009, 14.1 & 5/8 hand (perm card) Welsh Gelding. Has shown through the Large Pony Hunters! Great mover, jumper and auto changes! Reasonably Priced!

RhymeNReason for Sale Photo
Photo: Eye Was Here 2021
Sir Tucker - SOLD

2011, 14.1 & 7/8h, Welsh X Gelding. Local show miles through 2'6" but still eligible green and would be a fun prospect for Pony Finals. Cute mover, very good jumper, auto changes. *Although he has plenty of step he is a kick ride. Sound, healthy, microchipped and up to date on everything. Video available online.

Congratulations to Sagamore Hill Farm, Long Island New York on the Purchase of this Fantastic Large Pony!

Sir Tucker pony for sale

B on Que - SOLD

2013, 16.2 Imported ISH Gelding. Absolutely beautiful horse that is the perfect choice for all three rings. Competed at WEF in the 3' Hunters, has jumped around the Derby Field at FSF, been successful in the Jumpers and most recently was leased to a Modified Adult. Always brave to the jumps with auto changes and also does all of the test things you need for the Equitation (counter canter, lateral work) etc... Scope and step to move up. Has a recent vetting with pristine x-rays. This one is the perfect alternative to importing your own.
Congratulations to Kyra Barry & The Team at Two Ponds Farm, Katonah NY on their purchase of this incredible horse! We look forward to following your success with him!

B on Que imported ISH gelding for Sale

Princeville - SOLD

2013, 14.1 & 5/8h (perm card), Registered WPCSA & VPBA (half welsh) Welsh X TB gelding. Adorable to look at, hack winner, brave and simple to the jumps with automatic lead changes and incredibly sweet. "Princey" has good mileage in the 2'-2'3" at USEF shows and is still eligible green! This is a fantastic choice for a future pony hunter star!

Congratulations to High Pointe Farm, Michigan on the purchase of this Beautiful Eligible Green Large Pony! We look forward to following his future success!

Princeville, pony for sale

Silver Star Mona Lisa - LEASED

1997, 13.1 & 5/8h big bodied, Registered Welsh Mare. Mona has years of Pony Hunter experience which includes multiple trips to USEF Pony Finals, USEF Pony Medal Finals as well as the WIHS Equitation Championships! Mona is available to do Leadline, Walk Trot, Hunter Type Pet Pony and or Short Stirrup! Sound & Healthy and the sweetest pony you could ask for! For Lease Only! Video Available online.

Congratulations to The Meredith Family & Trainer Charlie Moorcroft, Wellington FL on the Lease of this incredible pony!

Silver Star Mona Lisa 2017
Photo: Anne Gittins 2017

Literally - LEASED

2014 12.2h Registered Welsh Gelding. This pony is the entire package! Model, hack and jump winner with auto changes. He had an incredibly successful 2019 season in the Children's Ponies including top ribbons at the M&S Children's Pony Hunter Finals. Sound, healthy and a barn favorite! His owners are incredibly attached and are looking to lease rather than sell to the perfect show home!

Literally, pony for lease

Blue - SOLD

2002 14.2 hand Welsh/Paint Mare. This huge bodied large pony is the perfect size for a child or petite adult. She has three slow, comfortable gaits and is a great teacher for jumping xrails-2'6. She can go to local shows too! Sound, healthy and a pleasure to handle and ride.

Blue with Maddie Ahern

Woodlands Sam I Am - SOLD

2007 Registered Welsh Gelding. This one is ready to step into the Greens! Lovely model, mover and jumper with auto changes. Good local mileage! He is competitively priced and will be a fantastic investment for someone wanting a quality large without the six figure price tag!

Woodlands Sam I Am

The Golden Ticket - For Sale or Lease

"The Golden Ticket" needs no introduction! 2005, 12.2h Welsh Mare. Winner of the 2018 MHJ Short Stirrup Medal Finals and teacher to countless young riders! She has the best canter, jump and lead changes for even the smallest and most timid of riders. Ready to pack and win for her next child Leadline thru Short Stirrup!

We congratulate Wynnmore Farm, Nebraska on the purchase of this wonderful pony!

The Golden Ticket, pony for lease

Just Between Friends - LEASED

Aged, 12.2h hand Welsh Gelding. Hands down the best first show pony for the tiniest of riders! Former Small Pony Hunter Super Star now enjoys spending his show days winning in the Leadline, WT and Short Stirrup. Easy to walk, trot canter and jump with auto changes. Sound and Healthy! Show record too long to list. Available to a perfect home only!

We congratulate Lillian Glover on the lease of our most treasured pony "Just Between Friends"!

Bear Jumping

Potpourri - LEASED

Aged, 14.1 & 1/4 Welsh Mare. "Poppy" is a proven winner from WT through SS both locally and at AA competitions. Always a top hack prize, adorable jump with auto changes!

Together with Century Mill Stables we congratulate Rowan and Greta Cain and the team at Winters End Farm on the lease of the wonderful pony "Potpourri"! We cannot wait to see this team at the shows!

Potpourri jumping

Be Dazzled - LEASED

2009, 13.1h with perm card (big bodied) Welsh Mare. Absolutely the kindest most wonderful pony you could ask for. Will easily take a rider up the ranks from WT, SS, Children's and she is Eligible green 2017. Goes from the stall to the ring. Zero prep. Brave with auto changes.

Together with Century Mill Stables we congratulate Teagan Owens on the lease of "Bedazzled"! This team trains with Mark DeBlasio of Heritage Equestrian, RI. Best of luck in the Children's Ponies with this awesome medium pony!

Be Dazzled pony for sale

Cloud 9 - LEASED

2003, 13.1&1/2 Welsh Mare. Perfect first show pony WT through SS. Always jumps and always auto changes. Very reasonably priced!

Together with Century Mill Stables we congratulate Madison Dietenhofer on the lease of Cloud 9! This pair trains with the team at Winters End Farm!

Cloud Nine pony for sale or lease

Rise and Shine - LEASED

2005, 14.1 & 3/8h, Gelding. Miles from Short Stirrup thru the Large Pony Hunters (Pony Finals). Kind, brave, uncomplicated. Good mover and jumper with auto changes.

A Huge Congratulations to Olivia MaCaulay and the Team at Red Acre on the lease of Rise and Shine! Wishing you lots of success in the Children's Ponies over the next year! With special thanks to The Stenmark Family and Gretchen Anderson of Appleknoll Farm, NH for the opportunity to once again represent this fantastic pony!

Rise and Shine large pony for lease

Call Me Maybe - LEASED

2003 14.1 & 1/2h Welsh x Warmblood Mare. Ribbons @ Pony Finals the past two years in the model this pony is not only beautiful but she is a very good jumper that is always brave and dependable. "Kally" can successfully take a rider from the Children's to the Larges.

Together with Century Mill Stables we would like to congratulate Woodberry Ponies, NC on the lease of "Call Me Maybe"! We cannot wait to see what the future will bring!

Call Me Maybe jumping

Clovermeade Brother Bunny - SOLD

2007, 12.2h Welsh Gelding. Short Stirrup thru the Division. Hack winner, great jump with auto changes.

Congratulations to Madison McHugh and the team at Tibri on the purchase of this beautuful pony! Best of luck in the Small Pony Hunters!

Clovermeade Brother Bunny

Snug Harbor - SOLD

Teenaged, 16h TB Gelding (huge bodied). Cute and useful has shown xrails thru 2'6. Brave to the jumps with a good lead change. Reasonably priced.

Congratulations to Alexandra Nason and Wild Iris Equestrian Center on the purchase of Snug Harbor.

Snug Harbor horse for sale or lease

My Girl - LEASED

2000, 12.1 & 1/2h Darling Welsh Pony with a heart of gold. Has taken multiple young riders to their first shows and earned lots of blue ribbons. Three easy gaits even for a tiny rider, cute jump and auto changes. Perfect choice for Leadline, WT, SS or the 2'.

Congratulations to Mateo Gomez and the team at Saddle Rowe on the lease of "My Girl."

My Girl Pony for Sale

Just Between Friends - LEASED

Aged, 12.2h hand Welsh Gelding. Hands down the best first show pony for the tiniest of riders! Former Small Pony Hunter Super Star now enjoys spending his show days winning in the Leadline, WT and Short Stirrup. Easy to walk, trot canter and jump with auto changes. Sound and Healthy! Show record too long to list. Available to a perfect home only!

We would like to Congratulate Stella Taglienti and The Team at Saddle Rowe Farm on the lease of our most treasured pony "Just Between Friends"!

Bear Jumping

Renaissance - LEASED

2003, 16 hand Gelding. The very best 2'6-3' horse. Moves and jumps well with auto changes. That perfect stepping stone from ponies to horses or a nice choice for an amateur adult. Years of experience and top placings in the Hunters and Eq.

Congratulations to Helen Cantwell and Trainer Theresa Lamothe of Rustling Winds Stable, CT on the lease of "Renaissance!"

Renaissance for sale

Woodlands Jubilation - SOLD

1999, 14.1 & 3/4h Welsh Mare. Beautiful mover and jumper with an auto change. Perfect for Short Stirrup thru Children's ponies.

Congratulations to the new owners of "Joy" wishing you lots of success both in and out of the show ring with this beautiful large pony!

Woodlands Jubilation jumping

Soldier - SOLD

2006, 16.3 Warmblood Cross Gelding. Jumps 2'6-3' with auto changes. Can easily do all three rings! Hunters, Jumpers or Equitation!

Congratulations to his new owner! Best wishes for success in and out of the show ring!

Soldier horse for sale or lease

My Shining Star - SOLD

1998 13h Welsh gelding. The absolute perfect first show pony for even the tiniest of riders! Leadline, WT, SS. The most comfortable canter and jump with auto changes. Loves attention and has perfect ground manners.

Congratulations to Rustling Winds on the Purchase of this incredible pony!

My Shining Star with 1st place ribbon

Jemima Puddle Duck - Leased

2003 13.1 & 3/4h Welsh Pony. Outstanding mover and jumper with auto changes. A pleasure to have in the barn and to show!

Congratulations to Trainer Stacy Falco of Charlesgate Farm on the lease of this special medium pony!

Jemima Puddle Duck jumping

Stonewall Thomas - SOLD

2015 gorgeous Large Pony. Years of local mileage Short Stirrup thru 2'6 but he's still eligible green and will make a fantastic Green Pony Hunter for 2019! Good mover, jumper and auto change! Sadly outgrown. Reasonably priced!

Congratulations to Emily Elek-Burtard on the purchase of this fantastic large pony!

Stonewall Thomas jumping

Dream Come Blue - SOLD

2007 13.2h, Beautiful, Welsh Mare by Champlain Rainmaker. Qualified for Pony Finals 2016. At Pony Finals 2015 "Dreamy" finished top 30 overall in the Medium Greens. She has also had numerous wins in the WIHS and USEF Pony Medal classes throughout the season. Brave, easy, auto lead change. Just back from lease where she successfully packed a first time Pony Finalist around the Walnut Ring!

Recent Highlights as of 11/7/17:

* Dreamy just came back from an incredibly successful lease in Canada and most recently picked up top ribbons in every Medium Pony Hunter Class @ the Royal Horse Show!
* Ledges December I: Class Winner Over Fences Medium Pony Hunter (Handy)
* Ledges December II: Reserve Champion Medium Pony Hunter
* Qualified Pony Finals 2018

Congratulations to Heritage Farm of Katonah NY on the purchase of "Dream Come Blue"! Many Thanks to Emily Elek-Burtard of Stonewall Ponies!

Dream Come Blue jumping

Look at Me - LEASED

2000 14.1h Welsh/Paint Mare. The very best SS thru Children's Pony you could ask for! The best canter with a built in GPS to find the jumps! Auto changes! Sweet and easy disposition not mareish at all.

Congratulations to Trainer Sheila Anne Brady of Hillside Meadows on the lease of "Look at Me" for the McCarthy Family!

Look at Me pony for lease
Photo Credit: Shawn McMillan 2016

Rise and Shine - LEASED

2005 14.1 & 3/8h Palomino Gelding. Multiple time veteran of Pony Finals! Easily capable of starting a young rider in SS/Children's and moving them up. Always honest to the jumps with a perfect auto change. We can't say enough good things about this pony! He has sadly been outgrown and is being offered for lease only!

Congratulations to Aly Reis on the lease of Rise & Shine! This team trains with Tamara Johnston and Rebecca Zimble of Maplewood Farm.

Rise and Shine jumping

Quadalup - SOLD

2005 16.1 & 1/2h (permanent card) Holsteiner gelding by Quantum. Imported November 2016. Miles in Europe thru 1.30 competed HITS Ocala 2017 weeks 4-8 Champion 3'3" Intermediate Equitation, Reserve Champion 12-13 Equitation, class winner Adequan Hunters and ribbons in the Low & Medium Children's Jumpers. This horse is beautiful with a huge slow step, great jump and auto changes. Full vetting with complete set of X-rays from time of import.

Recent Show Results Include:
* 11/4/17 MHC Junior Medal qualifier winner and ribbons in the Medal & Maclay @ HBF
** Top placings throughout the summer of 2017 in the Medal/Maclay, Taylor Harris and Hunter's @ Vermont Summer Festival, Head of the Bay, Fieldstone and Sandypoint
* Qualified several riders for Eq Finals
* Qualified for and competed @ MHC and NEHC Finals (3rd place at MHC in the 12-14 open class)
* 4/15/17 Champion 3'3" Junior Hunters SPS Horse Show

Congratulations to Lucy Exner on the purchase of our beautiful horse Quadalup! We are thrilled he will be going the Apple Knoll Farm Team and Trainer Gretchen Anderson!

Quadalup horse for sale
Photo Credit: ESI 2017
Just Between Friends - LEASED

Aged 12.2h Welsh Gelding. Absolutely auto everything. "Packed" our daughter around the Small Pony Hunters/Pony Finals, when she was only 6 years old. "Bear" is the most incredible teacher you could ask for. Ready to pack and win for his next child. Available only for lease: walk/trot or short stirrup in 6 or 12 month blocks.

Congratulations to Bowery Fiocchi and the team at Ivy Rock Farms, NY on the lease of "Just Between Friends!" We look forward to watching this team shine in the show ring together this season!

*Available 1/19/19

Bear Pony Finals 2011

Silver Star Mona Lisa - LEASED

1997 13.1 & 5/8h big bodied, Registered Welsh Mare. This kind hearted pony will pack & win for a young rider from Short Stirrup and Children's Ponies through the Medium Pony Hunters. Competed at Pony Finals 2015. "Mona" is also a fantastic Equitation/Medal & Derby pony! She is returning from lease where she showed a tiny 8 year old the ropes on the Derby Field as well as in the .65 & .80 Jumpers! Don't let Mona's participation in the jumper ring fool you because she could also teach a beginner how to trot, canter, and do cross rails all in the same day! Sound & Healthy. For lease only. Video Available online.

Congratulations to Lilly Kendall on the Lease of "Silver Star Mona Lisa"! We are so excited to have this team as part of Victory Stables! Good luck as you make your horse show debut in WT this year Lilly!!!

Silver Star Mona Lisa 2017
Photo Credit: Anne Gittins 2017

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